Dr Natalia Khomko Obstetrician & Gynaecologist MBBS (Hons), FRANZCOG

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Speaks Fluent Russian

I developed a passion for Medicine during childhood, which further grew into a love for Obstetrics and Gynaecology during my Medical Student years. I have been working in this field since 2003, and have now delivered over 2000 babies during this time.

As an Obstetrician, I feel very lucky to have one of the most rewarding jobs. I get to join women and their families on the journey to parenthood, and get to share one of the most precious moments of their lives. I provide complete care, which begins with pre-conception counselling to ensure health optimisation whilst preparing for pregnancy. I then provide antenatal care during pregnancy, and help to bring babies into the world. I have the skills to provide normal births, instrumental births, Caesarean births and TOLAC/VBAC births. My care continues into the postnatal period, ensuring post birth recovery, and assisting with future contraceptive needs, including IUD and Implanon insertions. I care for each one of my patients and their family like they are my own family.

The safety of the mother and the baby are of great importance to me, and it is equally important to me that my patients have a positive birth experience, feel like they have been treated with respect and have been involved in the decision making.

I thoroughly enjoy looking after all pregnancies whether they be low risk/ uncomplicated pregnancies or high-risk pregnancies. Fertility, pregnancy and birth journeys are not always smooth sailing for all, but as an Obstetrician, I am honoured to be able to guide my patients through both the highs and the lows of fertility and pregnancy.

I have a special interest in caring for surrogacy pregnancies, same sex couples and single mothers by choice.

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I work alongside four other female Obstetricians – Dr Leah Xu, Dr Jean Wong, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman. Working together in a group practice allows us to provide around the clock safe care. We are supported by a group of dedicated midwives, who are experienced in all aspects of pregnancy and birth care and also work in the Birth Suite of Frances Perry House.

Private Obstetrics gives me an opportunity to get to know women and their families, and to develop trusting relationships. I respect women’s choices and differences and ensure that I get to know them on a personal level so I can learn what’s important to them. This allows me to provide individualised care taking into account latest medical evidence, nuances of each individual case and women’s preferences.

My Gynaecological expertise lies in the diagnosis and management of Cervical Dysplasia (Colposcopy). I am a Certified Colposcopist with C-QuIP (Cervical Quality Improvement Program).

I have been in Private Practice at OGCG since 2009, and also have a strong commitment to the public health system, having worked in various public hospitals since 2001. I currently hold a Consultant position at the Colposcopy Clinic at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Working at this first-class health care facility gives me an opportunity to contribute to Public Health Care as well as allowing me to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the field of Women’s Health. I value continuing my professional development and regularly attend conferences, seminars and update courses so that I can provide my patients with the most up-to-date information.

I was born in Belarus and moved to Australia during high school. In my free time I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, cooking and dining out, traveling and exploring different cultures and destinations! I love spending time outdoors, especially going on walks/hikes. Some of my favourite walks are the Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk, Hanging Rock Summit Walk and the Mount Gower Trek on Lord Howe Island. I enjoy going to concerts and musical theatre. I loved seeing Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Mary Poppins and many others!

I value personal growth and living a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to caring for you and your family in the future.

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OGCG has five female specialist obstetricians; Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman.

Supporting the obstetricians are Gabi Eckereder (lactation consultant) and Robyn Compton (Maternal & Paediatric Dietician).

We also offer the services of 2 specialist gynaecologists, Dr Harvinder Kaur and Dr Stephen Lee.


5 female specialist obstetricians, O&GCG Melbourne, Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman

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