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Hi beautiful young families!

I am a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Midwife (RM) with over 20 years of experience in supporting mums & babies on the amazing journey to motherhood. I have previously worked at The Royal Women’s and Monash Hospital, and am now running my own private practice ( Being a proud mother of a young adult son has also provided me with wisdom and insight into the wonderful and at times challenging aspects of motherhood. I am very excited to offer my services to OGCG families and provide care that suits you and your baby.

My passion is about mums & babies wellbeing especially in supporting them on their breastfeeding journey. I offer practical guidance, personalised care and love to empower mums to trust their natural instincts. My care is both evidence and holistically based and I constantly update my skillset to ensure the best possible care.

Class Available

I have specialist expertise in supporting mums with sore and damaged nipples. I offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which is an innovative and highly effective treatment for a variety of breastfeeding challenges. LLLT is especially useful in the case of sore and damaged nipples, as it can accelerate the healing process unlike any other treatment option.

Settling & sleep is often a challenge for families in the early days of parenting. I am looking forward to helping you find a solution that works for you and your little one! I have been trained in infant sleep and settling techniques (Neuroprotective Developmental Infant Care) through The Possums Clinic.

My services are:

  • Breastfeeding consultation
  • Antenatal breastfeeding consultation and education (individual & classes)
  • Settling & sleep support (up to 6 months of age)
  • Ultrasound therapy (blocked ducts, mastitis)
  • Low level laser therapy (sore and damaged nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis)

Here is a link to my next antenatal breastfeeding workshop. This class will prepare and empower you for the best possible start to a positive breastfeeding journey.

I am available for both face to face & tele health consultations through OGCG and home visits in regional Melbourne. Rebates with most private health funds apply.

Outside work I love traveling and exploring new cultures. Swimming, yoga, kayaking and chanting calming mantras helps me to navigate the challenge and beauty of life. Please call the OGCG rooms for a booking in the clinic (03 9329 6668) or call me directly if you wish a home visit (0431 737 339).

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About our team
Meet our specialists

OGCG has five female specialist obstetricians; Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman.

Supporting the obstetricians are Robyn Compton (Maternal & Paediatric Dietician) and Aminee Dickenson (Counsellor)

We also offer the services of 2 specialist gynaecologists, Dr Harvinder Kaur and Dr Stephen Lee.


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$200 (includes one support person)
It includes a 20% discount for a 1:1 consultation with our lactation consultant Gabi before or after your baby is born.

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Class held from 10am – 1pm

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Antenatal breastfeeding class:
23rd March
20th April
4th May
27th July

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All classes will be conducted in the OGCG rooms.


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5 female specialist obstetricians, O&GCG Melbourne, Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman

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