Ness - Medical Secretary

Ness Medical Secretary 1

Introducing Ness, our vibrant and compassionate medical secretary with a passion for life beyond the office walls.

In the fast-paced environment of healthcare, Ness brings a refreshing energy that not only facilitates seamless administrative processes but also contributes to the positive workplace culture. Her commitment to health, exploration, and connection makes her an indispensable part of our team.

When Ness isn’t immersed in the world of healthcare administration, you’ll likely find her breaking a sweat at the gym followed by a good coffee with her friends. Ness has developed a love for traveling and discovering new cities and is always researching the next destination.

Beyond her love for coffee, Ness is also a total foodie who delights in trying new restaurants and cuisines and enjoys a good glass of wine too!

Ness’s social nature and ability to connect with others make her an invaluable team player at OGCG.

Ness Medical Secretary 2

About our team
Meet our specialists

OGCG has five female specialist obstetricians; Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman.

Supporting the obstetricians are Robyn Compton (Maternal & Paediatric Dietician) and Aminee Dickenson (Counsellor)

We also offer the services of 2 specialist gynaecologists, Dr Harvinder Kaur and Dr Stephen Lee.


5 female specialist obstetricians, O&GCG Melbourne, Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman

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