Teagan - Medical Secretary

Teagan Medical Secretaries 1

Teagan first joined the OGCG team back in 2019 and has touched the lives of many of our patients for several years now.

Outside of work, Teagan has a love for music and heading to different gigs throughout the city! She’s always happy to give you her top recommendations of different artists, and will tell you that the Triple J hottest 100 is her 2nd favourite day of the year (after Christmas of course!!)

Teagan loves getting away into the great outdoors and spending time with her husband, and her two beautiful boys; Toby & River.

Recently, they have just got a caravan and love spending weekends away camping.

Teags has also found a new love for running!

For those who have had the pleasure of meeting Teagan, I am sure they would say that she has made a lasting impression on their experience here at OGCG. Teagan has exceptional customer service and communication skills. We can guarantee that when you come to your appointments here at the practice, you will be touched by her friendly and warm nature.

Teagan Medical Secretaries 2

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OGCG has five female specialist obstetricians; Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman.

Supporting the obstetricians are Robyn Compton (Maternal & Paediatric Dietician) and Aminee Dickenson (Counsellor)

We also offer the services of 2 specialist gynaecologists, Dr Harvinder Kaur and Dr Stephen Lee.


5 female specialist obstetricians, O&GCG Melbourne, Dr Jean Wong, Dr Leah Xu, Dr Natalia Khomko, Dr Perri Dyson and Dr Robin Thurman

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